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I’ve lived in the Delaware Valley region for almost seven years, and I can’t remember ever having pizza from an establishment in Philadelphia. Crazy, right? Well, apparently I had some after the Made in America concert in September 2012, but I can’t remember it, and we’ll leave it at that. I figured it was high time that I got acquainted with some of the Philadelphia pizza scene.


In an attempt to make up for lost time I decided to take on five pizza shops in one afternoon. After a little research with Google Maps I chose five locations in South Philly starting with Uncle Oogies, which  I’ll  review today.

I got to Uncle Oogie’s at 11:30am; right when lunchtime orders are being called in. There is a small dining area which only had one table occupied, and nobody in line other than myself. I studied the seven available varieties on the counter and placed my order. When I turned around to grab a seat there was already a line alongside the wall that continued back to the door. While waiting for my slices to be heated up I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of workers in the kitchen; probably the most I’ve ever seen working in a pizza shop at one time; all moving with a sense of urgency, talking loudly; feeling stressed out I’m sure. What I couldn’t believe is that the person giving the order ready times to the call-ins was giving them for an hour out; did I mention how busy they were?


My order took a while to get to me, but when it did I expected to receive a “BBQ Chicken” slice with chicken, onions, green peppers, and bbq sauce on mozzarella, and an oversized thin rectangular piece of “Old Italian” with fresh plum tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil, grated parmigiano and mozzarella cheeses. I was served the wrong order twice, but they were very busy, mistakes happen, and they were apologetic and polite each time.

The Old Italian piece didn’t have any crisp to it. With how big the piece was I had to fold it to be able to pick it up and not have it hang in my hand. But, it tasted good. Keep in mind that this was from the counter and not freshly made, and, they were as busy as busy can get. I wouldn’t hesitate to get a piece of this when it is fresh, or even order a whole tray of it for that matter. At the very worst you’ll get a pizza that still tastes good.

I was glad to see that the white slice had very good structural integrity, even with all the toppings. It had a crispy edge, and the rest of it tasted like it looked, so I was happy.

I wouldn’t classify Uncle Oogies as a destination pizza shop, but if I lived in their neighborhood I could see myself being a regular. They have a large variety of pizzas on their menu as well as the usual pizza shop fare.

Uncle Oogies
2119 W. Oregon Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19145

Dining options: dine-in, take-out, delivery
Payment: cash or credit card
Other: Uncle Oogie’s is on Facebook and Twitter, and has an app for Apple & Android.
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