Santucci’s Pizza – Philadelphia, PA


Santucci's Pizza - Philadelphia, PA

My day of Philadelphia pizza binging brought me to stop number three; Santucci’s Pizza. Now I’ve heard the name ‘Santucci’s’ before and I knew they sold pizza, but that’s all I knew. I had a feeling that it was supposed to be good. I learned that it was square; it says so on the box. After an unprecedented inner struggle on which toppings to get I decided to go with sausage and onions on a personal size pie. I placed my order then sat down to scope the place out. My inner struggle played itself out a little more, so I placed a second order, this time a regular personal size pie, which they do with the sauce on top of the cheese.

Santucci's Pizza - Philadelphia, PA - Regular PizzaSantucci's Pizza - Philadelphia, PA - Pizza Underside


As a middle aged Italian looking man with a small, well groomed handlebar mustache was humming something jovial as he worked, I couldn’t help but feel a little surprised. I didn’t know what exactly I expected, but the inside of Santucci’s was nice. I got the feeling that they care about their customer’s experience. Had I seen the small dining area to my side when I entered the building I would have been inclined to eat there, but it was probably better that I didn’t since I wasn’t full yet from my previous two stops, which meant I was going to attack this pizza in a way nobody else would want to see.

Santucci's Pizza - Philadelphia, PA - Pizza w/ Onions


I took the two pies to my car where the steam hitting the windows afforded me some privacy. I was looking at some beautiful pies! As if the plain pie wasn’t picture perfect enough, the sausage and onions on the other one were in symmetric harmony, clearly not by chance. After taking pictures of these pies as if they were supermodels they were finally cool enough to eat. I’m somewhat ashamed to admit this, but what happened next was transcendence from a world of having eaten good square pizza, into a world where I finally knew what good square pizza was supposed to be like. It was that good. The body of each piece was pillowy perfect! There was a perfectly distributed amount of mozzarella cheese and tangy sauce, and the handles were charred and crispy. With or without toppings, both pies tasted awesome. Even though their personal pie is generous in size I’m glad I ordered two of them; I wanted more for later.


Santucci’s Pizza
901 South 10th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Dining: eat-in, take-out, delivery
Payment: cash only
Other: on-street parking, full menu, byob, on Facebook & Twitter
Bang for the buck: personal $6, medium $9, large $14 – toppings: $.80, $1.00, $1.50
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  1. That looks awesome. Mouth watering.

  2. Lived in Philadelphia for years, ate tons of pizza, Santucci’s pizza on a scale of 1 to 10— a 6. Not worth your time.

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