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Lorenzo's Pizza - Philadelphia, PA - Outside

My next pizza stop in South Philly took me to Lorenzo’s Pizza (not Lorenzo & Son’s). I had read about Lorenzo’s kind of being a hole in the wall, dated, in need of some upgrades, etc., but it seemed like people had a favorable opinion of their pizza. Upon looking around the place I could understand how people might feel that way, but I didn’t. I immediately felt like I was in a mom & pop pizza parlor of yester-year. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t beautiful by any means, but it managed to make me feel a little nostalgic; you know, the feeling where the owner knows customer’s names, and you discuss the local sports scene for a minute before telling each other to pass on a ‘hello’ to the family. My visit didn’t go quite like that, but the worker was very friendly even though he was very busy.

Lorenzo's Pizza - Philadelphia, PA - InsideLorenzo's Pizza - Philadelphia, PA - Inside

The pizza… I had no idea what to expect. Out of the options available on the counter I chose a white slice with various pickled peppers with a single slice of tomato, and a slice of cheese. The slice with peppers was average; I’d get that one again. In my opinion, the slice of cheese was overloaded with cheese, had very little sauce, and the base wasn’t even strong enough to support itself, despite having been reheated in the oven. Aside from some browning on the underside, the crust was extra pale in color. The cheese slice was begging to be folded, and so it was. I’d say this pizza would be the most satisfying following a drunken night out or to nurse a hangover the next afternoon.

Lorenzo's Pizza - Philadelphia, PA - Cheese StretchLorenzo's Pizza - Philadelphia, PA - White Slice w/ Peppers and a Regular Slice

Enter cognitive dissonance. Lorenzo’s is a South Philly landmark. A lot of people like their pizza. And there are pictures of prominent sports figures, well-known politicians and the like who have patronized the establishment. Am I being too critical, or does Lorenzo’s reputation overshadow its average pizza? Please let me know. This is one place I might have to reevaluate.

Lorenzo’s Pizza
900 Christian Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Dining: dine-in/outside, takeout
Payment: cash only
Other: strombolis, hoagies, burgers, steak & other sandwiches, salads, & sides
Other: on-street parking, on Facebook
Bang for the buck: cheap eats!
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  1. I’ve walked by, seen the slices, and kept walking. Thanks for confirming that I made the right decision. That sure looks like crappy, Sysco-sourced pizza. The flop sag is inexcusable. Nice work!

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