Mom’s Stromboli – At The Ranch, NEPA

While visiting the family my mother decided to put together one of her strombolis. With stromboli being a staple of many pizza shops I thought I’d give her creation a quick review. Now of course I’m biased, but even without preferential judgment my review would remain the same.


The dough… we’ll let that remain a secret, but inside the boli was a generous layer of cheese, ham, pepperoni, cheese, hot sausage, sautéed onions, and another layer of cheese. The cheeses used were provolone, sharp cheddar, and mozzarella (notice in the first picture that the base started with cheese; this helps protect the integrity of the bottom crust). It was baked on a dry pizza stone until it looked done (very scientific!). The end result was a monster sized stromboli; I mean this thing could be used as an edible blanket! A very good edible blanket. The baked crust was golden brown, but unlike many pizza shop strombolis this wasn’t coated with oil, so it was a lot less greasy; leaving the crust soft, flaky, tasty and appropriately directing your attention to the innards . The only oil present was from the combined meats, which acted like a smelling salt to the cerebellum. With the lack of grease and unwasted space inside, this boli was able to be sliced and eaten by hand. And so it was.


My mother’s stromboli gets a blue ribbon, and an invite to my pizza shop’s menu (when I have a pizza shop). If you’re interested in trying my mother’s stromboli, stop by her place anytime. She lives in the land of “Five Mountains”.



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