Lione’s Pizza – Downingtown, PA

Lione's Pizza - Downingtown, PA - Inside

Lione’s Pizza – Downingtown, PA – Inside

With today’s review I am pleased to introduce you to Lione’s Pizza. I have to admit that this wasn’t my first time visiting Lione’s, but it was the first time that I really paid attention to what they had going on behind the counter. I started counting on my hands the pizzas that they had on the counter available by the slice and had to finish with my toes; twelve! In addition to the pizzas they had a nice assortment of strombolis, calzones, bruschetta, and some other goodies, as well as an assortment of pastas. Everything looked worthy of a try, but after ordering two slices of their cheese pizza and two cuts of their red Sicilian I had to refrain.

After a few minutes of being reheated in the oven I was given my order which I had decided for some unknown reason I would review in my car. I checked out a few things with the slices and cuts before digging in.

Lione's Pizza - Downingtown, PA - Cheese PizzaLione's Pizza - Downingtown, PA - Cheese Pizza Underside


The cheese slices

The crust was good; not spectacular. The bottom was crisp; the handle was airy on the inside and had just enough crisp on the outside to make some noise when pressed on. Having cornmeal stuck to the bottom isn’t necessarily a deal breaker for me, but I appreciated that it was absent on Lione’s slices. The sauce was well-balanced; it wasn’t loaded up with herbage, but nor did it have a fresh tomato taste. The mozzarella cheese on the slices was well proportioned to the sauce and it made me happy to see some light browning in the equation. The slices were lightly dusted with oregano (thankfully not rosemary like some places), and there was enough grease present to add to the overall enjoyment of the slices, but not enough to justify calling them greasy. My opinion of Lione’s cheese slices is positive. I enjoyed them and will do so again in the future.

Lione's Pizza - Downingtown, PA - Red SicilianLione's Pizza - Downingtown, PA - Red Sicilian Underside


The red Sicilian cuts

I tend to not enjoy thicker crusts too often, but it was really good with these two cuts of pizza. The edges were browned to a crisp and the bottoms were darkly browned, creating a prominent but not overwhelming crunch that added a good flavor.  These two cuts were adequately sauced, which I find many places fail to do on their Sicilian pies, and in turn they are often very dry. I found the consistency of the sauce to be ideal to my liking; its flavor lacked any distinguishing qualities, but was good overall. Lione’s is one of the better Sicilian pizzas in the area.

Lione’s Pizza gets my golf clap (minus the sarcasm). It’s a clean place with friendly staff, and a large selection of pizzas and pizza related fare. They’re prices are fair and their service times and food quality are consistent. I recommend giving them a try and letting me know what you think.

Lione’s Pizza
102 Wallace Ave.
Downingtown, PA 19335

Dining: eat-in or take-out
Payment: cash or card
Other: formerly Bravo Pizza; same owners
Other: good wings, draft beer & single bottles, good selection of 6-packs for take-out
Other: hoagies, burgers, subs; large selection of side orders, salads, and pastas
Bang for the buck: 2 cheese slices & 2 red Sicilian cuts for $10.28

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