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This past Saturday started off being a great day, because not only was I going to review a pizza that was highly recommended to me, but my wife was coming along. When we arrived at our intended destination we were told that the dining room was closed due to some type of party, but maybe there were some seats at the bar. Small bar; no seats; no reviewing pizza. So we left, with my blood pressure boiling. I got even madder when my wife told me that she had checked the website and Facebook for this particular establishment before we left our house and that there was no mention of an event that might restrict patronizing the establishment.


Being somewhat unfamiliar with the area we were in my wife decided to have Siri pull up nearby pizza shops. We picked one at random and were on our way. Eight miles later we arrived at La Forno. They were open, despite there being no cars in the parking lot or anyone in the dining room, but, they had a wood fired oven so I was very optimistic and my annoyance started to fade. In addition to ordering a small cheese pizza and a small with sausage and onions I decided I wanted some french fries and cole slaw as well. The fries were good and the cole slaw was really good.


When the server was carrying the pizzas to our table I could see that they were very thin, which was on par with what I was expecting, but then I got the full picture; two extra pale crust pizzas. The crusted edges of both pies had absolutely no browning, and were spongy. The undersides had some browning, but there was no crisp whatsoever. Despite the appearance of sauce in the pictures there was barely any; definitely not enough to provide a description of its taste. The mozzarella cheese was plentiful and seemed to be of average quality. On the pie with sausage and onions the onions were raw and very large, but added absolutely no flavor, which tells me that they were old. The sausage crumbles had flavor but tasted more processed than that of the big chain pizzas. I hate to be mean, but honestly, it’s hard to make pizza as lousy as La Forno’s was, and I was left feeling a little sad that a wood fired oven is being wasted. What did my wife think? She was glad that I ordered the french fries and cole slaw.


Despite my quest for good pizza ending as a train wreck I was happy because my wife was along with me. But it doesn’t make me happy offering you a review of pizza that I cannot recommend.

La Forno
831 North Providence Road
Media, PA 19063

Dining: eat-in or take-out
Payment: cash or card
Other: crispy french fries, good cole slaw
Bang for the buck: small (14″) cheese pizza – $8.95

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  1. Curious — what was the intended destination?

    • I understand things happen sometimes, so I don’t want to name names. I’ll be reviewing them in the next couple of weeks. But, the situation does make me wonder, how many restaurants have a procedure in place to announce when they’ll be closed for private events? With the popularity of Facebook & Twitter I think that they all should communicate such events, but I suspect few do.

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