My Attempt At Breakfast Pizza

I always see pictures of breakfast pizza online but I’ve never seen one in person. Since I’m a big fan of breakfast food and I haven’t baked a pizza in a while it was high time for me step out of my comfort zone and conduct an experiment. Once I decided to do this experiment I had to decide what I wanted on the pizza. Without knowing what I would enjoy the most I decided to do four variations on the same pizza, which I did by dividing toppings by the top and bottom horizontal halves, and also the left and right vertical halves.

Experimenting With Breakfast Pizza


Onions, bacon, and cheese were on each of the quadrants. The onions were diced extremely small, I precooked the bacon to a crisp, and the cheese I used was Kraft’s Triple Cheddar (Vermont white, sharp & mild cheddar cheeses with cream cheese). The quadrant specifics were as follows:

Top horizontal:        scrambled egg

Bottom horizontal:   eggs sunny side up

Right vertical:          maple syrup

Left vertical:            plain (no syrup)


  1. When the dough was fully stretched and finished with its last rise I applied the scrambled eggs to the top half. I purposely left the scrambled eggs a little runny so they wouldn’t dry out during the bake.
  2. I then put a layer of cheese on the whole pizza
  3. Then I added the onions to the whole pizza
  4. The bacon was added to the entire pizza
  5. I put the syrup on the right vertical half
  6. After the syrup I applied a second layer of cheese to the entire pizza
  7. I baked the pizza at 500 degrees on the second to bottom rack
  8. When the pizza was done I pulled it out and cracked open some eggs on the bottom half, then baked until the sunny side up eggs were ready (after I put these eggs on top I switched to using the broiler).
  • Note: Thinking it would take a much shorter time than it actually did, I basically waited until the pizza was finished before I took it out to crack open the eggs on top. This was a mistake, as it took much longer for the egg whites to congeal, and thus the cheese started to brown and was no longer ooey and gooey like I had wanted it.


The crust of the pizza was the same throughout each quadrant; crispy on the bottom and handle and with a very moist crumb on the inside.

Syrup vs No Syrup

The syrup blended well with the other ingredients and tasted okay; it was slightly more noticeable on the half with the scrambled eggs than it was with the eggs sunny side up. While the syrup tasted okay, my preference definitely lies with the side without syrup.

Scrambled Eggs vs Sunny Side Up

Both of these halves were good. I wish I hadn’t allowed the cheese to brown; if it were gooey like I wanted it to be it could possibly have change the outcome. That said I preferred the half with the eggs sunny side up.

The winning quadrant was the bottom left which had sunny side up eggs and no syrup. The crisp and smoky bacon flavor paired well with the fried, crispy crust. The egg yolks ended up sliding off of the pieces of pizza and onto the plate which made it perfect for scooping up the runny yolks with the crust. While the addition of onions wasn’t overly obvious, they provided a subtle flavoring which if omitted may have been noticeable and thus creating a ‘something’s missing’ recipe scenario.

In conclusion, the winning quadrant was full of flavor and tasted like breakfast as one would expect, except that it was on a fried crust which really added some excitement. The winning quadrant is what I will base my next attempt at breakfast pizza on. If I had to list a negative pertaining to my experience with this breakfast pizza it would be that the use of eggs prevents me from leaving the box of pizza on the counter and snacking on it throughout the night and into the next morning.

Experimenting With Breakfast PizzaExperimenting With Breakfast Pizza



Experimenting With Breakfast PizzaExperimenting With Breakfast Pizza

 Experimenting With Breakfast Pizza

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