Tommy’s Pizza Corner – Kingston, PA

Tommy's Pizza Corner - Kingston, PA

I wanted to pay a visit to Tommy’s Pizza Corner, but it wouldn’t be my first. Tommy’s is located on Market Street about a block down from ‘The Ave’ (Wyoming Avenue), which back in the early nineties was a popular hot spot for aimlessly cruising, racing, and all other types of adolescent vehicular mayhem. When the state of Pennsylvania entrusted me with a driver’s license I too traveled the rite of passage into coolness via many nights cruising The Ave. Being cool on The Ave was hard work and often required refueling both the gas tank of my Monte Carlo as well as my own tank. I was young, hungry, in a hurry, and had limited funds; enter Tommy’s.

Tommy’s was open late, served good pizza, and they also had some cheap six-packs available. Although it was over twenty years ago I won’t elaborate on why I mentioned six-packs during a time when I should have been drinking Tang. Nothing to discuss here, Officer. Tommy’s pizza on the other hand, I’d be happy to talk about. I remember Tommy’s pizza being pretty good, and to remember that tid-bit from a time when pizza to me was just pizza, I wondered how good it might seem to me now, as a discriminating pizza glutton.

Tommy's Pizza Corner - Kingston, PA - Cheese PizzaTommy's Pizza Corner - Kingston, PA - Cheese Pizza

I recently paid Tommy’s a visit and ordered a large cheese pizza. I was a little worried that the pizza may have changed since I last had it, but after the first bite I recognized the taste immediately. The crust, was slightly thinner than the average New York style pie but had great structural integrity; you could hold a slice by the handle and eat it without holding it over your head in trying to get the tip of the slice to align with your mouth. The crust had light browning on top of the edges and was very nicely and evenly browned on the underside, providing a perfect crisp to both the handle and body of each slice. Other than the handles, the sauce covered every bit of this pizza, and could be classified as slightly zesty and savory, well-balanced, and to my liking in terms of its ratio to the crust and cheese. The cheese was mozzarella and seemed to me to be of high quality, and it too had some faint areas of browning. As with the rest of the pie I found the ratio of cheese to be perfect to my liking.

Tommy's Pizza Corner - Kingston, PA - CrustTommy's Pizza Corner - Kingston, PA - Crust


The bottom line… Tommy’s Pizza Corner’s cheese pizza is seriously good stuff. Crispy crust, tasty sauce, perfect cheese, and, it has a (mostly) distinct flavor. No toppings needed for this specimen! Tommy’s is yet another pizza shop I’ll frequent when in NEPA, and when I do you just might catch me sporting some fuzzy dice on my rear-view mirror as I blare some Public Enemy and speed between red lights. Not.

Tommy's Pizza Corner - Kingston, PA - RestaurantTommy's Pizza Corner - Kingston, PA - Menu

Tommy’s Pizza Corner
619 Market Street
Kingston, PA 18704

Dining:dine-in, take-out, delivery
Payment:cash or card
Other:strong similarity to Grotto’s, but maintains a very slight distinction in flavor
Bang for the buck: $9.75 for a large cheese pizza

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