III Guys Pizzeria – Dallas, PA

III Guys Pizza - Dallas, PAMy last review was supposed to be somewhere in Old Forge, PA. If you read the review you would know that I got lazy and didn’t feel like driving to Old Forge and opted to do a review in Wilkes-Barre, PA instead, with plans to hit Old Forge the next day. I can offer you a dozen excuses why, but the bottom line is that I didn’t make it to Old Forge the next day either, but I did make it to III Guys Pizzeria in Dallas, PA.

III Guys Pizza has a spacious dining room with plenty of seating along with a bar that is connected to but separated from the main dining area. I was at III Guys at an off time when they weren’t very busy which lent itself well to taking pictures, unfortunately I managed to capture some weird lighting and the pictures don’t necessarily do the pizzas much justice as far as the browning is concerned; sorry for that.

I reviewed three pieces of pizza at III Guys; a New York style cheese slice and two pieces of Sicilian; one with bacon and the other with hot banana peppers. The New York style and the Sicilian style both have the same sauce and cheese. The III Guys menu proclaims their cheese to be a blend of white Wisconsin cheddar and whole milk mozzarella. The menu apologizes for not elaborating on their sauce because it’s a secret. Most pizzerias keep their cheese blend a secret without even mentioning sauce. Ironically, I found the sauce to be the weakest ingredient.

III Guys Pizza - cheese sliceIII Guys Pizza - cheese slice undercarriage

III Guys Pizza - Sicilian w/ baconThe New York style slice had a great crust; it was browned well and had the perfect combination of crispness, softness, and chewiness. The bottom of this slice was firm; not quite crisp enough to minimize the tip sag, but so few New York style pizzas are. The two cheese blend was good, but the secret sauce… that’s what held this pizza back. The sauce had some pleasing small chunks of tomato, but was III Guys Pizza - Sicilian undercarriageotherwise runny and had a watered down tomato flavor. The sauce wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good; it certainly wasn’t good enough to draw attention to it by letting it be known that it’s regarded as a secret. The dough / sauce / cheese ratios worked well, and overall it was a good slice. A good slice that could easily be made much better. That said, I would order this pizza again in the future, as is.III Guys Pizza - Sicilian w/ hot banana peppers

The Sicilian pieces were good. They had the same good cheese and the same runny sauce, but the sauce being runny did not hold these thick pieces back as much as it did with the New York style. These pieces had a dry, well-browned, and firm underside without being crisp. The handles were firm and pillow-like,   with some crispness on the outer layer here and there. The bodies of these pieces were soft and moist, which is a good attribute for Sicilian pizza. The liberally applied bacon on the one piece looked to be Canadian bacon and had a great flavor. The hot banana peppers were also liberally applied, and also rounded out that piece quite well. III Guys Sicilian pizza bears a strong resemblance to Ricci’s  Sicilian pizza in Wilkes-Barre. Ricci’s has a better sauce; III Guys a better cheese. I have no reservations about which one I think is better, but with them being so similar I’ll let you decide that one for yourself.

There is a Grotto’s Pizza at Harvey’s Lake in one direction past III Guys and Trucksville’s Pizza Perfect in the other direction; both big names in the area, but make no mistake… III Guys might not be as well-known as the aforementioned heavy-weights, but their pizza makes them just as worthy of a visit. I know that I’ll find myself there again in the future.

III Guys Pizzeria
Route 415 Dallas Highway
Dallas, PA 18612

Dining: dine-in / take-out
Payment: cash or card
Other: also located in Mountain Top & Wilkes-Barre, sports bars
Bang for the buck: NY style slice $1.79, Sicilian slice w/onions $1.79

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