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The weather this past Friday was rainy, dreary, and a downright miserable way to spend a day off from work, but it wasn’t all bad as it afforded me time to review some pizza. Having recently read Pizza Quixote’s review of Franzone’s in Bridgeport, PA I was intrigued to learn that Franzone’s uses a sweet sauce, which to me is a culinary magnet. After stopping at the King of Prussia mall for some new jeans I was on my way to Bridgeport. In hindsight, I should have stopped for those new jeans AFTER having visited Franzone’s!

Having decided to eat this pizza on location I was directed to find a table where someone would be with me shortly to take my order; one medium pizza with bacon and onions on half, and a Coke. Several minutes later a piping hot pizza sat before me, but it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. Pizza Quixote’s pictures and description of Franzone’s pizza clearly showed a pie that he appropriately described as “soupy”, but the pizza I had before me was not only not soupy, but it also sported a tight swirl aesthetic. Maybe Franzone’s upped their game after reading Pizza Quixote’s review? I don’t know, but I was anxious to get to work.

The outer ring of crust was picture perfect with several shades of browning and some occasional bubbles that had slight charring on top. The undercarriage was a trifecta of browning, ranging from golden brown to dark brown with little dabs of charring. As well done as the crust was one might expect it to be described as crispy, but it was not. Both the undercarriage and handles of the pizza were dry and firm yet soft to the bite. This crust had a good flavor which added to the overall taste of the pie as opposed to just being transportation for the cheese and sauce.

The sauce was very good. It is a sweet sauce, but not so sweet that it erases all of the tomato taste, and definitely not the sweetest that I’ve had. It is my guesstimate that the level of sweetness in Franzone’s sauce would be acceptable if not enjoyable to most people’s palate. The consistency of this sauce was good; it wasn’t watery nor was it pasty, and there were no tomato chunks.

It is often hard to pinpoint what type of cheese a pizza has on it, and such was the case with Franzone’s. I will guess that it was a quality mozzarella, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were blended with something else. Either way, it was melted well, had some areas of slight coloring, and it tasted good.

The bacon and onions that I had on half of my pizza were excellent. The onions were lightly sautéed; the bacon was crisp and seemed to have spread its good flavor into the sauce and cheese of the slices it was on. My only complaint about the toppings is that they were mostly concentrated on two slices of pizza with a little bit of spillage onto the slice on each side of the two. I could appreciate the half of the pizza without toppings having absolutely no spillage of toppings on it, because if my vegetarian wife were with me she wouldn’t touch the plain half if there was a misplaced piece of bacon on it, but with as good as the toppings were I wish I had four full slices on which I was able to enjoy them.

Overall, I was very impressed with Franzone’s. The swirl aesthetic was good. The ratios between the dough, sauce, and cheese were good. The toppings as well as each of the basic ingredients were all good. The place was clean and spacious. The service was fast and friendly. I look forward to patronizing Franzone’s again, and I highly recommend that you pay them a visit.

501 DeKalb Street
Bridgeport, PA 19405

Dining: eat-in / take-out / delivery
Payment: cash or card
Other: beer sales, on-street metered parking, Philly Mag award
Bang for the buck: medium pizza, 1 topping, large soda: $15.32

Franzone's Pizza - medium w/ bacon & onionsFranzone's Pizza - undercarriageFranzone's Pizza - crustFranzone's Pizza - slicesFranzone's Pizza - Bridgeport, PA - insideFranzone's Pizza - Bridgeport, PA - insideFranzone's Pizza - Bridgeport, PA - insideFranzone's Pizza - Bridgeport, PA

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