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So, I mentioned in my last post that my wife has been urging me to try some pizzerias in our local area that we have yet to patronize, and so Cocco’s has become my fourth straight review in Downingtown, PA.

When checking out Cocco’s online menu I saw that they had a pizza they call ‘Enzo’ standing out from the rest of their offerings, so that naturally aroused my curiosity and became part of my order. Because I usually try to review a regular cheese pizza I also ordered a personal pan of the plain for good measure, along with a side of chicken wings and French fries to round out a night dedicated to negating my exercise regimen.

Cocco's - Downingtown, PA - cheese pizzaI picked up my order from Cocco’s and even though the drive home was very short, it was torturous because I usually chow down in the car, but being that I needed pictures for a review I had to abstain this time. I got home and took pictures of the personal pan cheese pizza and then I opened the box to the Enzo. The Enzo looked good, except that it had ham on it which I didn’t order, because my wife is a vegetarian. So… it was a good thing that I ordered that small cheese pizza!

The cheese pizza can easily be summarized with one word; average. The crust had a slight crisp to it, the sauce had an unaltered tomato taste, andCocco's - Downingtown, PA - undercarriage the cheese was average mozzarella. (A note to new readers… my labeling a pizza ‘average’ doesn’t carry any negative connotations. It is pizza that I would have no problem eating again if I found myself in front of it, but it doesn’t stand out from the crowd.)

The Enzo pizza is described on Cocco’s menu as a “thin crust, fresh garlic, tomato pie & sprinkled with Locatelli Cheese.” So, the ham shouldn’t have been there, but it was, oh well. What was more upsetting than having the ham on the pizza is that it didn’t add anything to the taste of the pie. What about it being a tomato pie with sprinkled Locatelli cheese? Well, the term ‘tomato pie’ seems to be quite subjective and is interpreted from there being no cheese on a porous bread-like crust with sauce to what is commonly referred to as an upside-down pizza, which is a regular pizza but with the cheese beneath the sauce, and then there could be many variations in-between. The cheese… Locatelli is a well-known brand name, good quality cheese. Without going into a long cheesy explanation (pun intended), the description on the menu of the cheese being sprinkled on the pizza is a somewhat misleading, as the kind of Locatelli cheese that would be sprinkled is in large contrast to the type that was sliced and used on this pizza.

Cocco's - Downingtown, PA - EnzoOkay okay, on to the pie, how was it, right? Well, it was pretty friggin’ good, especially if you like garlic. The crust was thin and crisp. It was hard to get a read on the taste of the sauce as it was a little lost within the fresh garlic taste. The cheese didn’t appear to have a taste that made itself known, especially when going up against the garlic. The overall taste was good; the garlic was prominent but not offensively so.  I enjoyed this thin crust pizza and will definitely order it again, but I’d be curious to see what would be if the garlic was reduced a little bit and a Pecorino Romano cheese was sprinkled on the sauce. Or maybe a fresh mozzarella? How about a sharp provolone?Cocco's - Downingtown, PA - undercarriage

In case you were wondering, the fries were okay but I’d pass on them the next time I’m at Cocco’s. The chicken wings I would order again; I had the ‘traditional hot’ which had a good flavor, aided by there being some black pepper in the sauce. I thought that the spice level of the sauce was appropriate for ‘hot’ sauce.

Is the pizza at Cocco’s good enough for me to serve at a Super Bowl party? It might make the cut, especially if some Enzos were involved. Will I stop by Cocco’s to pick-up pizza again for my own enjoyment? Yes.

Cocco's - Downingtown, PA - friesCocco's - Downingtown, PA - wings

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  1. Wow! There are 12 Cocco’s in the region, and for four years I’ve driven past one every day – so close to my home in West Chester that I could walk to it. But I’ve never been tempted. That crust looks Sysco-sourced to me, but the “Enzo” may be a nice belly filler when I don’t have the ambition to make the 25 minute trek to La Porta in Media or Anthony’s Coal-Fired in Wayne. Good review! PQ

    • Wow, I didn’t know there were that many. I understand driving by and not having the motivation to stop, but I promised my wife that I’d get some locals onto the list.

      La Porta or Anthony’s Coal-Fired… now I’m hungry! Did you know that there is an Anthony’s Coal Fired coming to Exton?

  2. BTW, my mom always used, exclusively, Locatelli in her tomato sauce and wherever others might used Parmesan or Romano.. My sister and I loved it then and now, but we called it “stinky feet cheese” for its pungent aroma!

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