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I recently found myself in Doylestown, PA to accompany my wife to the James A. Michener Art Museum where there was an exhibit honoring Philadelphia’s own, Grace Kelly. Knowing that we’d be hungry after seeing the exhibit I planned ahead by scoping out what pizzerias are in Doylestown waiting to be reviewed. As it turned out, there are a lot of pizzerias in Doylestown, but one of them caught my eye immediately; Jules Thin Crust.

Jules Thin Crust pizzas

I had a preconceived notion that Jules didn’t offer slices and that I would have to order a whole pie, but that isn’t the case. After I inspected the vast array of pizza offerings available at the counter I decided on four different types (five counting the piece I stole from my wife), which looked to be the same as ordering a whole pie. I’ll take you through them starting with my least favorite and ending with my favorite. (Note: V = vegetable, C = cheese, & M = meat; items below in bold correspond to their listing on Jules’ menu)

Jules Thin Crust - Vegan - Tomato PieJules Thin Crust - Brooklyn Pizza

5.  V5 (Vegan) Ingredients listed: organic tomato sauce, fresh basil, chopped organic tomatoes, oregano, & garlic – Don’t let the vegan label deter you; Had I gone anywhere and ordered this under the guise of ‘tomato pie’, I would have thought of it the same, as a respectable, fresh tasting, enjoyable piece of pizza. I liked this pizza enough that I would order it again.

4.  C3 (Brooklyn Pie) Ingredients listed: Fresh mozzarella, mozzarella, parmesan, garlic, oregano, with a drizzle of organic tomato sauce – There isn’t a whole lot to say about this pizza aside that it tasted good; much like regular pizza but with some garlic. What I really enjoyed was that it had a layer of cheese on it that was as thick if not thicker than the crust, but its overall thickness was still thinner than any other pizza I’ve ever seen, and for some reason I enjoyed that.

3.  M1 Ingredients listed: Pepperoni, sweet Italian sausage, mushrooms, organic tomato sauce, & mozzarella – I’m a big fan of pizza that is good enough that it doesn’t need toppings, but I’ve also had my fair share of pepperoni, sausage, etc. This pizza really pleased me, of course because of the overall taste, but also because I love sausage sliced long-ways, and because it wasn’t trying to appeal to the people whose machismo is represented by how high the meat is piled on their pizza. This pizza had the perfect proportion of toppings, both in terms of taste and also keeping its structural integrity.

2.  V9 (Mexican) Ingredients listed: Chili-lime black bean spread, mozzarella sweet corn ,chopped organic tomatoes, red onions, scallions cilantro, & spicy sour cream – Okay, so even though I find ‘taco pizza’ at most places a little gimmicky, I do enjoy a good slice now and then. I saw the word ‘spicy’ on the placard next to the V9 on the counter and that’s what made me roll the dice with this piece, and I’m glad I did! Jules pushes the maximum weight capacity of their thin crust with all of the ingredients piled on it with this piece, and they pull it off! The combinations of ingredients on the V9 strike the perfect balance that allow for this pizza to be called Mexican. This was an excellent tasting piece that I will definitely order again on my next visit to Jules.

1.  V2 Ingredients listed: Chopped organic tomatoes, cubed fresh mozzarella, garlic, basil, arugula, oregano, organic tomato sauce, & mozzarella – Again with the broken record; simple and perfect ingredient combinations. You can taste each ingredient intermingling with the others. Simply put, you must try this pizza.

Jules Thin Crust - M1 - sausage, pepperoni, mushroomsJules Thin Crust - V9 - Mexican

Jules Thin Crust has a large selection of toppings for those who wish to build their own pie, but really, I don’t see the need. In my sampling of pies it was evident that careful consideration was given to each ingredient used on each of their pie offerings listed on their menu. Jules Thin Crust has an inviting list of meat-topped pizzas and they are also very vegetarian friendly, but you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy their flavorful wizardry. Jules has made me a believer in thin-crust / flatbread pizza, and so I shall return there to keep the faith. I highly recommend you pay Jules Thin Crust a visit.

Jules Thin Crust - V2 with Arugula


  • Locations in PA include: Ardmore, Doylestown, Newtown, Jenkintown, & Wayne
  • I enjoyed excellent customer service at the Doylestown location
  • Being thin-crust pizza (and super good) it’ll probably require more pieces than normal to get full
  • Jules’ also offers salads
  • Jules Thin Crust Website

Jules Thin Crust - slice profile

Jules Thin Crust - undercarriage

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