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Giorgio's Pizza - Exton, PAThis review is brought to you by spontaneity. I was driving home from work the other evening when I decided I was going to stop for a pizza. I had a place in Downingtown, PA picked out so I called to order a pie for take-out. A machine answered and offered me a few choices. Not knowing if I was supposed to order my take-out from the restaurant or the bar I opted to hang on for a live human, but there was none, and just like that a restaurant lost a would-be first-time customer on a slow Monday night.

Luckily, my usual indecisiveness showed me mercy as I remembered aGiorgio's Pizza - Exton, PA - pie nearby place in Exton that I hadn’t yet reviewed, and so I set my course to Giorgio’s location. Upon my arrival I waited for the right moment, the one where I thought that I could get away with snapping a picture of the outside of the targeted establishment. I took my picture then proceeded to walk into Giorgio’s, where I was greeted with “Did you get it?” I asked, “Did I get what?” The reply… “The picture.” DAMN! I was busted for the first time, or, it was the first time that I’m aware of being seen sneaking in some photog. I know it doesn’t really matter as I’m not doing anything illegal nor is it shunned by mainstream society, but still I can’t explain it; at some places and at sometimes I’m okay with taking pictures for the blog out in the open, but generally speaking I’m uncomfortable doing so. Also, I don’t want it leading to a series of questioning that would lead to me giving up the purpose of my visit. Oh well, I had a good run.

Giorgio's Pizza - Exton, PA - undersideWhen the blushing slowed enough for me to vocalize my order what came out was a ‘medium cheese pizza and an order of hot wings’. Damn again. I wasn’t that hungry but I was still discombobulated. I proceeded to wait for my order and shared some friendly banter with the operator who may have been the owner, but I’m not sure. When my order was ready I ran out the door jumped over some moving cars and Dukes of Hazzard it through my window, where I found…..

… the crust to be average. The coloring of the crust was visually appealing, but that’s the only thing that stood out. It had plenty of tip sag, and despite a faint sound of crispness when the handle was squeezed, there wasn’t any to be detected during the attack of the pearly whites. The crust was soft and cushion like. Not bad, but again, it didn’t stand out.

Giorgio's Pizza - Exton, PA - peek a boo sauceThis is the type of pizza that looks like it has sauce on it, but when you peel back the hood it disappears like a turtle’s head into its shell. Look at the side-by-side picture, I’m not exaggerating. Anyhow… I was able to find a fingernail full of sauce in one spot; upon tasting it I would also categorize it as average. It tasted like a stock pizza sauce.

The last ingredient to review, but definitely not the least (< — pun) is the cheese. The cheese was average mozzarella at best. What I didn’t like about this cheese is how much of it there was on the pizza (there was a lot). And yes, I do know that some people probably love it how it is, but they’re not typing this review, are they (< — smartass sarcasm)? Between the weak structural integrity of the crust and the abundance of cheese these slices were a hot mess (< — shout-out to Niecy Nash).

This pizza wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either, so I’ll say this; if you’re seeking something different or pizza that stands out from the crowd in terms of quality then look elsewhere. If you’re not a pizza snob and you enjoy most pizzas, then definitely stop by Giorgio’s Pizza.

Giorgio's Pizza - Exton, PA - wingsThe chicken wings tasted like they look in the picture, so you be the judge :P

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  1. Geez, looks like straight Sysco stuff. DiGiorno’s beats Giorgio’s! Nice, honest review. Saves me the time and calories! Looking forward to your take on Anthony’s Coal-Fired – I could almost walk to the Exton location!

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