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Several people have recommended that I try Ron’s Bar & Grille in Exton, PA, claiming that the pizza ‘ovals’ are a must try. Before going to Ron’s I checked out their online menu and decided that I was going to try the Italian Oval, but I was also in the mood for a cheesesteak so I ordered the Italian Steak sandwich. Since my vegetarian wife was also in need something for lunch I added a small margherita pizza to the order.

Margherita Pizza

Ron's Bar and Grille - Exton, PA - margherita pizzaOkay, so I didn’t order this pizza for me, but it needed to be reviewed and I didn’t want to let it slip through the cracks so I grabbed a slice, or two. What I found was interesting; the sauce seemed to be a hybrid of sorts; from what I can tell it was a mixture of fresh tomatoes and a thickened sauce with herbage accompanying it to make it taste like a traditional seasoned pizza sauce. The texture and consistency were agreeable, and while I can say that the taste was good, I’m left wondering if this sauce was worked on at Ron’s, or might it be untouched from the manufacturer? The cheese on this pizza was quality mozzarella that hadRon's Bar and Grille - Exton, PA - margherita underside sporadic browning, adding to its visual appeal. The crust on this pie is thin and well browned. The body of the crust was moist and fluffy, the bottoms and handles of each slice had a thin but stiff outer shell. In my opinion basil is synonymous with the word ‘awesome’, so it being on this pizza scored some points with me. Overall, I’ll probably end up getting this pizza again, especially since my wife enjoyed it. I’ll finish with this; the pizza was good, but the pictures are better.

Italian Oval

The Italian Oval is composed of Genoa salami, pepperoni, peppered ham, and provolone and mozzarella cheeses on a semi-thick crust that is cut into party style pieces (square or rectangular pieces). There is no sauce on this pizza nor is it needed. The cheeses were very good, in terms of aesthetics, taste, and ratio to the dough. The cheese that burns to a nice shade of brown around the edges and on some of the meat toppings provides a good accompanying flavor. The Ron's Bar and Grille - Exton, PA - Italian Oval undersidemeat toppings each had a good flavor which was noticed with each bite. Where good flavor doesn’t apply is where the flavor was awesome due to some crisp pepperoni and burnt ends of ham, both of which have been the subjects of my dreams since having this pizza. The crust on this pizza is thicker, moist and fluffy in the middle, and has a firm underside as well as handles.

Italian Steak

Ron's Bar and Grille - Exton, PA - Italian cheesesteakRon’s Italian Cheesesteak is made with mushrooms, bell peppers, provolone cheese, and a touch of garlic. I don’t normally eat mushrooms on pizza or cheesesteaks because they aren’t fresh and thus taste like the can, as was the case here, but it’s unfair to expect otherwise unless you’re in a swanky restaurant. Overall I’d call this cheesesteak average.

Hits & Misses

I’m hesitant to say Ron’s margherita pizza hits the mark, but only because there is some discord between how it taste and how it looks (it looks slightly better than it tastes).   However, Ron’s Italian Cheesesteak certainly misses the mark with the canned mushroom taste and overly moist roll.

What Ron’s is known for and what is the reason for me reviewing Ron’s Bar & Grille are the oval pizzas. I’ve only had the Italian Oval, but it was a hit! I loved everything about this oval; the size was perfect for me, the taste was awesome, and I even liked that it was cut party style. I will definitely be going back to Ron’s for more ovals and I recommend you give the ovals a try as well!

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  1. I had an oval on my first visit to Ron’s, and really enjoyed it. Next visit, I got the pizza and found the crust to be, umm, too Domino-ish. From your pics, the pizza and the oval both looked to have been cooked on a screen, which is a serious flaw. Excellent review, as always! Now that I have Anthony’s Coal-Fired in the area, I probably won’t go back to Ron’s.

    • Pizza baked on a screen… yes, it’ a downer but I’m not at all surprised. In fact, I’m surprised when I come across a pizza that isn’t baked on a screen or encrusted with cornmeal.

      If you’re comparing the two, then yes, ACF wins every time!

    • I always enjoy reading a follow-up review; great job with that! I understand that every place is bound to have an ‘off day’, but that doesn’t make it any less a disappointment when you’re looking forward to something specific or when you could have gone somewhere else.

      • I have to totally agree with you KPC. Sometimes people tell me – hey that guy’s coming on your turf reviewing the same things, but I love hearing other pizza critics review the same pizza to compare and contrast our findings. I wish I operated in the Philly area with you gentlemen so I could participate in more of this activity. Both articles are excellent as usual!

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