Corropolese Bakery – Norristown, PA

Corropolese Bakery - Norristown, PA

Corropolese Bakery - Norristown, PA

I first had Corropolese Bakery pizza shortly after midnight this past New Year’s Day, and I thought it was really good, but, was it, or were my taste buds dulled from the spirits of the night, thus allowing the mere act of stuffing my face influence the taste?

As is turned out, a few days later I had to take my dog to a specialty veterinarian down the road from Corropolese Bakery’s Norristown location, and I had to wait an hour and a half for the tests to be done, so you know what I did! And, though they aren’t meant to be anything more than what they are, there are a few tables that one can sit at if say, they need to waste some time before returning to the vet’s office.

Corropolese Bakery - Norristown, PA - tomato pie

Corropolese Bakery - sweet pepper pizza

I knew I was going to review the tomato pie, but the sweet pepper variety also caught my eye, so I ordered a quarter sheet (eight pieces) of each.

The sweet pepper variety of bakery pizza consisted of a soft, tender, and thin bread as the crust, which had some tinges of browning on the bottom and handles but overall was true to form for bakery pizza with a mostly pale crust. The rest of this pizza was just sweet peppers, some seasonings, and a healthy drizzling of oil on top of it all. This pizza was good but I’ll probably never get it again. Read on.

Corropolese Bakery - Norristown, PA - tomato pie

Corropolese Bakery - Norristown, PA - tomato pie

The tomato pie… wow! My taste buds may have been drowning in hops and barley, but they weren’t lying to me when I first tasted this pizza. After having this pizza again, and totally sober, I enjoyed it even more so than the first time. The crust is the same as the one I mentioned above; par for bakery style pizza. The heavy dusting of parmesan cheese is a nice accompaniment. The sauce is AMAZING (if you like sweet)! Yes, this is a bakery style pizza with a sweet sauce, which is rare in my experience. I enjoy a piece of bakery style tomato pie once in a while, but I have never had a craving for it until now, and needless to say it’s Corropolese Bakery’s which I crave.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s because the Corropolese Bakery’s tomato pie is sooo good, I’ll never be able to pass up a piece of it for a piece of the sweet pepper variety. Don’t take my word for it, get to one of their four locations (Lansdale, Douglassville, Limerick, & Norristown) and try it for yourself!!

Corropolese Bakery

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  1. Gotta love their tomato pie. I’ve only ever had the Norristown ones so I can’t say if the other locations are consistently as good but I won’t mind figuring out!

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