Thunderbird Pizza – Broomall, PA

Thunderbird Pizza - Broomall, PA

I didn’t know that Thunderbird Pizza existed until I found that my list of places to review contained a noticeable amount of pizzerias named after various types of birds, so, I hit up the Googler and found Thunderbird Pizza, and I liked their logo. I scrapped the idea of doing a bird themed pizzeria tour for some reason, but between the name, cool logo, and ‘old time’ potential, I found myself in Broomall, PA reviewing Thunderbird Pizza.

Thunderbird Pizza - Broomall, PAThunderbird Pizza - Broomall, PA

Thunderbird offers a few different sizes of pizza pies, including a mini, which I love because they are cheap enough to get several different kinds of pizza to review. My choices included a large traditional cheese pizza, a mini thin crust cheese pizza, a mini upside-down pizza, and a mini white garlic pizza.

IMG_5841Thunderbird Pizza - Broomall, PA

Thunderbird Pizza - Broomall, PA - traditional pan bakedTraditional Pan Baked

I ordered a large of this because it was the pizza which my wife was going to share with me for dinner. When I first saw this pizza I was a little put-off because of its resemblance to Pizza Hut (I prefer to support independent / family owned pizzerias with good pizza, not mass produced cheap crap). The cheese, while reminiscent of Pizza Hut’s, was enjoyable. Thunderbird claims to use 100% Wisconsin cheeses, and also notes next to this option that they use a cheese blend. The sauce on this monster pie was average. The crust was firm on both the underside and handles, but not crunchy, nor did it have an abundance of flavor. Overall this pizza was a strong contender in the ‘average’ category; and a step up from Pizza Hut’s!

Thin Crust Mini Cheese

Thunderbird Pizza - Broomall, PA - thin crust miniWith it being a mini pizza I was curious to see how Thunderbird was going to pull off a thin crust. I don’t think they did, but that’s okay because I wasn’t expecting them to. This crust was about the same thickness as the other mini pies I ordered. It had an appropriate shade of brown applied to it and was very much a standard crust. The sauce was the same average sauce previously mentioned. The cheese was the same as described in discussing the Traditional Pan Baked. Overall this pizza was also a strong contender in the ‘average’ category, and for my personal taste at time of eating these pies I’d rank this mini a hair above the Traditional Pan Baked.

Thunderbird Pizza - Broomall, PA - upside down

Mini Upside-Down

The crust on this one was average. The sauce was good / average. The cheese on this mini was actually provolone, and it was good. Nothing wrong with this upside-down mini. This was my wife’s favorite, but I was still listing the Thin Crust Mini as mine.

Thunderbird Pizza - Broomall, PA - white with garlic mini

White with Garlic Mini

This mini used Thunderbird’s cheese blend, which is good. The crust on this pie was the same as the others… average. Now, where the other pies stopped at average, this mini kicked it up a couple of notches and landed itself in the ‘pretty damn good’ category. Why, you ask? Because it tasted like shrimp scampi without the shrimp, that’s why! This pizza boasted a strong garlic flavor, and also listed in the ingredients are oil, fresh herbs, and seasonings. Out of the available toppings Thunderbird lists, sliced tomato might compliment this pizza well.  So too might shrimp, but that isn’t an option.

In a Nutshell

So there you have it. Thunderbird Pizza has a cool logo, a little bit of an old time feel to it, and average to really good pizza. All of the pizzas I reviewed were good, but forgettable, with the exception of the White with Garlic Pizza, and for that reason I’ll be back one day. I recommend you give Thunderbird Pizza a shot and see which of their pies you fancy.

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  1. I think Thunderbird is one of those you either love or hate. People that grew up in the area and have been eating it all their lives love it. I like it, its good “Greek Style/New England Style” pizza. Another place to consider would be Pizza Odyssey in Drexel Hill. They have this style of pizza as well.

  2. Check out rizepuzza in broomall

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