Alfredo’s Pizza – Broomall, PA

Alfredo's Pizza - Broomall, PAAlfredo's Pizza - Broomall, PA - upside down

Some people don’t understand upside-down pizza; what’s the point of putting the sauce on top of the cheese, they ask. The answer is short and simplistic; the order in which the ingredients are introduced to your palate affect the overall taste. If you’ve ever done a shot of tequila then sucked on a lime wedge afterwards, can you imagine reversing the order and having the lime wedge first? A very different outcome, to say the least. It might not be the best analogy, but I think you get it. Now, of course the type and quality of both the cheese and crust are important, but with an upside-down pizza I’d argue that the sauce is the most important part of the pizza. I put most of the importance on the sauce because upside-down pizzas usually have more sauce than their right-side-up counterparts, so if the sauce isn’t good then it’ll be well-known and hard to ignore.

Alfredo's Pizza - Broomall, PA - crust on upside down pieAlfredo's Pizza - Broomall, PA - upside down pie undercarriage

Alfredo’s sauce? Perfect! The sauce isn’t acidic, nor is it loaded with sugar or spices; it is Goldilocks’ just-right porridge. Alfredo’s applied a little more mozzarella to this pizza than I would normally prefer, but, on this pizza I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It had a great taste and stretched better than any other mozzarella I’ve ever had. Alfredo’s crust is legit! The underside of the crust is firm and slightly crispy. The handle of each slice is puffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Alfredo’s crust isn’t just the delivery method for the cheese and sauce; it has a seriously good, authentic flavor.

I don’t know how any of Alfredo’s other pizzas are, and I may never know, because it’ll take a miracle for me to patronize Alfredo’s and not order the upside-down. I highly recommend putting Alfredo’s upside-down pizza on your to-do list!

Alfredo's Pizza - Broomall, PA

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  1. I’m going to have to don you the “Upside Down Pizza King”! Still no luck with finding upside down pizza up here in NEPA, but I’ll get there! BTW, I enjoyed the variety in this one – quick and to the point! You do a great job of mixing up styles.

  2. Nice find! There is so much generic pie in the region, but this stuff looks like some legit old school pizza. I’m surprised I haven’t at least heard of this place. Thanks for putting it on my radar. I like how they apply the sauce in a way that permits some of the cheese to see daylight and hence get some oven browning.

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