Jack’s Pizza – Coatesville, PA

Jack's Pizza - Coatesville, PA

Although I’ve been to Jack’s Pizza several times prior to this review I had never had their pizza. I’ve had Jack’s Stromboli as well as their wings, both of which are good, but this review was a pizza only event. I ordered a large cheese pizza and got to work.

Jack’s crust was dry on the underside but that’s it, it didn’t have any snap, crackle, or crunch. The handles were mostly spongy with an occasional area here and there that showed a faint hint of something resembling crispiness. The crust wasn’t bad nor was it good; it was smack dab in the middle average, but, it’s made in-house, so using a satisfactory / unsatisfactory grading system I gladly stamp this one as satisfactory.

Jack's Pizza - Coatesville, PA - cheese pizza

My pizza from Jack’s didn’t have much sauce on it, so it was hard to get an adequate profile of it to offer a strong opinion. What’s interesting in this situation is while there wasn’t much sauce on this pizza, it wasn’t needed that badly in terms of moisture/dryness is concerned (I’ll explain that below). Anyway… I’m not one to shy away from a challenge; I gave it a go and let my finger do the walkin’ and it came back with a miniscule dollop of sauce. Upon tasting it my impression pointed to a cooked sauce with quality tomatoes. Using a sauce dowsing stick, my wife was able to locate enough sauce to register her guess, which was quite different from mine; she thought Jack’s sauce might be straight from a can with some herbage added. Neither of us had anymore sauce to taste so this mystery is left somewhat unsolved, but I think we will call the sauce satisfactory, and much like reversing a penalty in the NFL, you’ll need indisputable evidence to challenge my opinion. Good luck finding it.

Jack's Pizza - Coatesville, PA - undercarriage

Here’s where things get tricky. This pizza had a LOT of cheese on it. I’m sure that some people love this pizza solely because of all the cheese it contains, but for me there was almost too much of it, but here’s a conundrum… The more cheese you have the more oil / grease you have on the pizza, which for this pizza is a good thing because it had a good flavor and it also helped moisten the pizza which was needed due to there being too little sauce. On the other hand, with the mozzarella Jack’s is using, you inevitably end up having a cheese beard because this mozzarella doesn’t stretch, instead it all likes to come off each slice with the first bite.

Jack's Pizza - Coatesville, PA - cheesy

So, this pizza’s dough / sauce / cheese ratios were way off for my taste, and none of the three components were worth doting over, but as is the case with a lot of other pizzas, as a whole I’d label Jack’s pizza as average +. I’ll have no reservations with patronizing Jack’s again; I recommend giving them a try.

Jack's Pizza - Coatesville, PA

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  1. You are too kind in calling this pie “average.” Of course I can’t judge the flavor, but that pizza says “fail” to me in every way. Sure looks like the crust is made from mass-sourced, bottom grade dough. I’d be shocked if the sauce isn’t Sysco, too. And as you note, the yin/yang is way off in that the school-caf-grade cheese is piled on. I won’t mince words – that pie looks wretched. Thanks for another great review and sparing me the trip to Coatesville!

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