Amberdonia Bakery – Dickson City, PA

Amberdonia Bakery - Dickson City, PA

From keeping abreast with NEPA Pizza Review’s blog I have become quite interested in sampling some of the pizzas that he’s reviewed. I recently decided that I needed to make a trip up north to his neck of the woods, so we conversed a bit and NEPA Pizza Review was kind enough to show me around his stomping grounds, starting at Amberdonia Bakery in Dickson City, PA.

Amberdonia Bakery - Dickson City, PA

Amberdonia… is it a bakery or a pizzeria? I’d like to think of it as both but Amberdonia calls themselves a bakery. There was nothing that I would have loved more than to eat some pizza and get a huge bag of pastries to go, but because I had a lot of eating ahead of me I abstained. After being a bit indecisive with which Neapolitan pizza offering I wanted to try I went with the default subject, the Margherita pizza.

Amberdonia Bakery - Dickson City, PA - Neapolitan Margherita pizzaAmberdonia Bakery - Dickson City, PA - Neapolitan pizza underside

If you’re not familiar with Neapolitan pizza, there is a lot to learn about the style, but in a nutshell, the pizza is usually small (10”-12” in diameter), the underside and cornicione are soft despite having a crunchy appearance from the charring, and aside from the puffy outer edge it is a thin pizza that doesn’t have any structural integrity. Because of the thin, tender crust, style of tomatoes used, and the inclusion of olive oil in the mix, this pizza can be a bit soupy in the middle and so it is best enjoyed on location as it doesn’t travel well, but if you are ordering it for take-out know that it is cooked in a wood-fired oven at 900+ degrees so it only takes a couple of minutes to bake, literally.

Amberdonia Bakery - Dickson City, PA - Neapolitan Margherita pizza

I’ve only had Neapolitan pizza once before having Amberdonia’s, so what did I think of this bakery’s pie? It was fantastic! Now I’ll say this… if you wanted to split a hair I believe one might be able to do so in regards to comparing Amberdonia’s Neapolitan pizza to the strict definition of Neapolitan, but that isn’t necessarily bad. For instance, while Amberdonia’s underside was soft and tender much like is expected of a Neapolitan pizza, I thought that their handles had some enjoyable crisp to them. Also, Amberdonia’s pizza wasn’t nearly as soupy in the middle as I was expecting, but it did still have the great tastes of a prepared tomato sauce, Amberdonia’s homemade mozzarella, the basil and olive oil, all on top of a crust that had been kissed by a wood-fire. Amberdonia Bakery exists for guys like me who love pizza and need sweets. Offering both of those necessities AND being the only place around that does a Neapolitan pizza… WOW, and good on them!! Do yourself a favor and try a pie at Amberdonia Bakery!

So, I have to thank NEPA Pizza Review, not only for introducing me to Amberdonia Bakery and for the great company and conversation, but also for sharing the knowledge he possesses of the NEPA pizza scene. It was a shame, but our time at Amberdonia Bakery came to an end. I took another picture or two and we left. Where were we going? Stay tuned…

If you haven’t already, check out NEPA Pizza Review’s thoughts on Amberdonia Bakery.

Amberdonia Bakery - Dickson City, PA

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  1. Hey man, it was a pleasure meeting you and showing you around a little portion of my slice of heaven I call NEPA. Your review is spot-on, and I like the infusion of Neopolitan knowledge. Appreciate the background, but I too really appreciated this pie as it was excellent! I’ll cross-link to this review from mine so people can compare our thoughts. Thanks again!

  2. Great looking pie. It is indeed the Neapolitan pizzaiolo’s dilemma – making this pie that cooks in less than 2 minutes, without making the center soggy. It IS possible, but most don’t try – they accept the soupy center. I think it’s preventable by putting a minimal amount of sauce in the center. Great write-up – now I’m hungry!

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