Basilico’s Pizzeria – Dickson City, PA

Basilico's Pizzeria - Dickson City, PA

If you read my last review which took place at Amberdonia Bakery in Dickson City you know that NEPA Pizza Review was kind enough to meet up with me and show me around town. The fun didn’t end at Amberdonia. Just a short jaunt down the road and we were at Basilico’s Pizzeria, a name that I seem to know but a place to which I have never been, until now.

I have to tell ya, I can sometimes be really indecisive when it comes to choosing what it is I want to eat while dining out; sometimes that’s because I don’t care and other times it because everything on the menu is calling for me. Walking into Basilico’s only exasperated my indecisiveness, because they had a dizzying array of options, all of which were enticing. A lot of times I’ll order way more than I need but I couldn’t do that today, so I chose just two slices, a slice of cheese and one slice of their buffalo chicken.

cheese slice, buffalo chicken

The crust of each slice was really good. It was firm on the bottoms with crispy and chewy handles. There really isn’t much more that can be said except that Basilico’s is doing it right by starting with a high quality foundation on which to add their sauces. The regular tomato sauce seemed like it may have been prepared (cooked / worked with prior to baking it on the pizza), whether or not it was I can say that it had a nice mellow flavor without it being sweet or bitter. I found the buffalo sauce to be really tasty; I thought that it tasted a little spicy but without being hot. This sauce didn’t seem to have the typical straight hot sauce flavor either, it seemed a bit more complex than that. I believe that the cheese was straight mozzarella that seemed to be of average / good quality. The chicken pieces were everything I could have possibly hoped for; they were big, plentiful, tasty, and not dried out. Good luck trying to find  another pizzeria whose chicken topping could carry each of those four labels!

crust, undercarriage

I was impressed with Basilico’s from the moment that I walked through the door and saw their large selection of pizza available to the moment I finished my last bite. It was apparent to me that Basilico’s cares about the quality of their product. With not being familiar with the pizza in this area of NEPA (Northeast PA) I can’t make any regional proclamations involving New York style pizza, other than to say it can be found at Basilico’s Pizza and that they’re doing the style justice. Whether you like regular cheese pizza or something sporting some flair, Basilico’s has a wide variety to choose from! I’m looking ahead to the day when I can return and try some more options, until then I recommend that you try Basilico’s pizza and let me know what you think of it.

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NEPA Pizza Review and I had left the building but didn’t yet leave Dickson City; we had time for one more pizzeria. Stay tuned to see where we went.

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