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Colarusso's Pizza - Dickson City, PAHere’s the long overdue third and final installment from my visit to Dickson City, PA. I again have to thank NEPA Pizza Review for guiding me along the tour he dubbed ABC, which stands for Amberdonia, Basilico’s, and Colarusso’s. The first two stops use a wood-fired oven and a gas oven respectively, and they each use them well; so how does Colarusso’s coal-fired pizza fare?

I’d like to first say that I ordered a regular margherita pizza to take with me to snack on later in the day, and both the underside and handles were charred and colored as beautifully as one could hope for. With that said Icoal fired pizza, sausage, ricotta, and onions, must acknowledge that the pie NEPA Pizza Review and I shared while at Colarusso’s (pictured to the right) had a cornicione totally void of any charring, and pretty much the crispiness that accompanies it. With the crust being the most important part of almost any pizza and with the awesomeness possible from using a coal-fired oven this is a big miss on Colarusso’s part, especially since they were not at all busy when we were there. The underside of this crust had the required sporadic charring, but without the charred cornicione the flavor didn’t reach its full potential.

crust, underside, undercarriage, charringThe cornicione however, was the only faux pas that I found. First, I saw that Colarusso’s offered a pizza with ricotta cheese on it but didn’t offer ricotta cheese as a topping option. I ordered it anyway and Colarusso’s didn’t bat an eye; props for that! Second, while my personal taste would have liked the onions to be smaller, they did make for a good looking pizza. Third, the sauce was good. I don’t usually like a chunky sauce, but it worked really well on this pie. Fourth, the cheese was good and a little on the light side, which I appreciated as this was a thin crust pizza and with thin crust pizzas real estate is limited. Finally, the hot sausage was good as was the ricotta cheese.

I just gave you my honest opinion, but at the same time I feel like I’m being a little harsh. Maybe I caught them on an off day; it happens. I guess I’m just a little disappointed because I know Colarusso’s can do better than this pizza (as is evidenced by the charring on the pizza I ordered for take-out). Overall, the pizza had a good taste. I’m definitely going to visit Colarusso’s again; I suggest you give them a try! See what NEPA Pizza Review had to say about Colarusso’s when he first reviewed their wares, and while you’re at it check out to see what opinion they hold of Colarusso’s.


P.S.>  Shame on me for not including a picture of Colarusso’s chicken wings; they’re fan-freaking-tastic! They have tons of flavor without any sauce! How can that be you might ask? Just freakin’ try them and thank me later.

chicken wings, coal-fired

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  1. I love the look of the underside of that crust, but indeed it is odd that the cornicione is so… undercooked. Perhaps they need to move the pies higher in the oven or find a way to introduce more top heat. Agree too that those onions should be in thin strips or chopped. Lastly – and this has to do with my own pizza religion – moisture and weight are the enemies of an ideal crust, and a Neapolitan crust is a hothouse orchid to start with. Hence, I love ricotta, but in my lasagna, never on my pizza. Great review!

    • Hey Pizza Quixote, thanks for dropping by! I hear ya regarding moisture and weight, but Colarusso’s crust is supposed to be more like Anthony’s Coal Fired than Neapolitan, but you wouldn’t tell from the pie in the picture! As for ricotta… I’ve had it recently on a few different pizzas and I have to say that it isn’t meant for all types of pizza, but on some of them it really takes the flavor profile to 11, such as the meatball & ricotta at Anthony’s!!! I’ve also had Pica’s with ricotta and it wasn’t that much of a difference with it or without it. What I’ve realized is that it can’t just be plain jane ricotta out of the tub; it needs something whether it be salt & pepper, fresh basil, etc…

  2. It was a pleasure being the tour guide on the ABC Tour 2014. I have to say I enjoyed all three pies (as usual). I totally agree on all points, but I have to say I very much liked the combination of toppings you put together on this one. I’m a bit more forgiving on not having proper charring on the crust, because there was so much flavor, but point well taken and an excellent and accurate review as always.

    • Hey Jim, again, I can’t thank you enough for the tour! Not only did I want to get to those places because of how good your reviews of them were, but I needed to venture out to some new-to-me places in NEPA, and that small area proved to pack a punch! I thoroughly enjoyed all three places!

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