Charlie’s Pizza – Norristown, PA

Charlie's Pizza - Norristown, PA

Charlie's Pizza - Norristown, PAI once had the displeasure of working in the Norristown, PA area. As I recall, the only solace I took with my unfortunate duty location was the fact that I was close to Charlie’s Pizza, where I’ve enjoyed many slices during the lunchtime hour. The other day when I was thinking of places to review Charlie’s Pizza came to mind, so I excitedly made my way to Charlie’s and ordered a large plain cheese pizza and a small with bacon.

When my order was ready I took it to my car and proceeded to have a one man eating contest. I started with the bacon slices, then the regular. Holy hell, it was good but something wasn’t right. Then it started. Like theCharlie's Pizza - Norristown, PA - cheese pizza scene in The Usual Suspects where the detective is putting all the visuals together while realizing Verbal Kint (Kevin Spacey) was actually Keyser Soze, I realized that I ordered the wrong pizza. What I unknowingly meant to order was the ‘red top’ pizza which is just Charlie’s take on upside down pizza, tomato pie, or whatever the hell you feel like calling it. I was full from having just won the eating contest so I was too happy to be mad, but I was a smidge disappointed, because Charlie’s ‘red top’ pizza is his specialty. Well, there was no undoing the calorie abacus, so instead of reviewing the red top’ pizza I offer you my thoughts on the cheese and cheese with bacon pies.Charlie's Pizza - Norristown, PA - handles

Charlie’s cheese… I’m calling it an average mozzarella with nice coloring, a desirable amount of oil, and a good overall taste.

Charlie’s sauce tasted solid. It wasn’t sweet nor was it acidic. If was flavorful without there being a ton of crap crapping it up. The consistency was good; it wasn’t watery or chunky, and it was applied perfectly; enough to scoop some up with a finger but not enough to call it too much.

Charlie’s crust… the underside was dry but not crispy; the handles wereCharlie's Pizza - Norristown, PA - pie with bacon ultra-light and fluffy and enveloped by a serious crisp that could be heard when pulling a slice apart from the rest of the pie. Overall, the crust had a good flavor and was very enjoyable.

The pizza with bacon on it… Actually, I’m calling shenanigans with the bacon. It seemed like it may very well have been that I-don’t-feel-like-getting-grease-all-over-my-stove boxed bacon stuff from the grocery store that is already cooked and tastes close enough to bacon to call it that. It wasn’t bad, but it can’t compare to real bacon. So this pizza for me was okey doke; it tasted like good cheese pizza with some fakin’ bacon.

So if you’re ever in the vicinity of Charlie’s Pizza I encourage you to stop in and give it a go. The regular cheese pizza is solid, but from what I can remember the ‘red top’ pizza gets two tongues up!

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  1. Nice work as always! My wife works in Norristown. Locals rave about Via Veneto pizza, but it’s entirely forgettable. However, there is a wonderful Viet place in town – – where you can get a full Viet menu or just grab a banh mi (Viet hoagie) for one of the best sandwiches anywhere. It has much better balance than the traditional American or Italian hoagies we love.

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