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IMG_1408So… I was put up in the Holiday Inn in Harrisburg recently (the one on Lindle Road, not downtown), and I came upon this ad in my room for Papa John’s. This upsets me, not just because Papa John’s makes enough money from selling shitty pizza to be able to afford advertising that mom-n-pop shops can’t, but also because people aren’t willing to shell out an extra dollar or two to have much better pizza while supporting a small business, but they have enough extra dollars to have 36 inch rims or a stick figure family of 14 on their rear window. I digress.

With the thought of pizza having been planted firmly inside my headIMG_1405 along with the desire to steer people towards pizza better than that of Papa John’s, I embarked on a road trip to find the nearest pizzeria that didn’t suck. About 210 seconds later I was parking my car across the highway from the hotel at a joint called ‘Two Brothers Pizza’. Do you know what’s better than ordering a cheese pizza knowing that you’re going to take it back to the hotel and devour it all by your lonesome? Having a slice while waiting for said pizza to bake!

If the slice I had while waiting for the pie was any
indication of what I could expect, I was in for a good IMG_1406tasting and crispy pizza. When I got back to the hotel I got down to business. The first thing I noticed was that the pie was void of the crispiness that the single slice had, but that’s easily attributable to the single slice having been reheated (more time in the oven, less moisture, whatever…). Right off the bat you might be thinking uh-oh, the most important part of the pizza is just average, but I was thinking wow, this is so much better than Papa John’s crust! The sauce? A little savory. Solid. Average. The cheese? Average mozzarella with the perfect amount of oil and an overall good taste.

I have to give this pizza 2 ratings. (1) Overall – I’d call this an average / average+ pizza; nothing setting it apart from the norm, but nothing to really ridicule. (2) Compared to Papa John’s – Papa John’s and the hotels in this area might want you to order Papa John’s, but don’t do it! Two Brothers Pizza is soooo much better than Papa John’s.  The wait was short, and if you’re staying in one of the many nearby hotels, the Target in the same complex as Two Brothers Pizza has a Starbucks. While Two Brothers Pizza may not be the only pizzeria in the area, it is the closest one to several of the area hotels, and it won’t send you to bed regretting having chosen their pizza over another’s.

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  1. I’ve been here many times and have gotten multiple pies for work from here. You’re review is spot on. The people I work with out in Middletown love this place when we get it delivered. I find it to be average just like you said. Its a bit too “doughy” for my tastes. Now when I eat in, this is one of my favorite spots because their slices reheated are wonderful. They have a nice crispness, and everything blends well. I think you are right about the moisture. During lucnh hours this place is packed and its difficult to find a seat. Its not the best pizza in the world, but a pretty good showing when you get a slice.

    • Steve, I think that I may have to up my game… Having seen your comment, and revisiting this review, I think that maybe I should do 2 reviews; a reheated slice in-house as well as a pie to take home. Pros: I get to eat more pizza and I’m able to provide a more in-depth review. Cons: I spend more money and gain more weight. To be determined…..

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