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Maybe you though that I wasn’t reviewing pizza anymore. Maybe you thought that I was tired of eating pizza. Well, here I am like a triple extra-large egg in your face. I’ve been eating plenty of pizza but have not had the time to sit down and hammer out my thoughts for you pizza freaks. Between working on a pizza menu, making pizzas here and there, ice bucket challenges, fostering dogs, etc., I’ve been busy, but here’s a review for you; I hope it makes you hungry.

Reviewing Daniel’s Pizza wasn’t planned; the progression started when my wife called me at work in hysterics about a bird that was injured and in our backyard. It wasn’t just a poor injured bird though, it was a Yellow Bellied Woodpecker that she had watched come to one of our several birdfeeders every day. There are some times when it isn’t appropriate to mock my wife but I love pushing that envelope. This, however, was not one of those times. This was one of those times where I found myself leaving work knowing I was in for a long ass night.

Long story short, we were on our way to a bird rescue (AARK Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center) that was one hour away (each direction). I was already cranky and hungry prior to receiving the news about the bird, and I had something going on that night that I wasn’t looking forward to. I was dieting at the time, but my wife knew that I needed an intervention, and there it was; the LED lit sign in Daniel’s window that read ‘open’ was beckoning us like a working girl might do from a doorway in a red light district. When I walked through the doorway I simultaneously felt two feelings; one of relaxation as my mind shifted away from my day and into my happy place, and another where I get a little bit anxious with having to choose which slices I want (who’s the pizza freak now, right?). Anyway, my wife and I each got a slice of cheese, and I also got a slice of BBQ chicken.

Daniel's Pizza - Chalfont, PADaniel's Pizza - Chalfont, PA - Slice Underside

The plain slices… the cheese was your average mozzarella that lacked any distinguishing characteristics. The sauce was sparse and did not lend itself to profiling, but, it collaborated with the grease from the cheese to help ensure that the slice wasn’t a dry piece of cardboard. The crust was good. The undercarriage was well browned though not really crispy, the handle, however, was crispy and had a good flavor.

The BBQ chicken slice… not surprisingly this pizza had the same good crust as the regular cheese pizza. The cheese was also the same no-frills stuff from the cheese pizza. The
chicken was what you’d find at most pizzerias; low grade but not bad for pizza. The BBQ sauce was used in place of
regular tomato sauce, and it tasted like it may have been a hickory flavor.  Overall, the BBQ sauce was average.

The verdict? While the BBQ chicken slice was alright I enjoyed the regular cheese slice more. While the cheese and sauce that Daniel’s uses are mediocre, their crust ups their pizza to mediocre plus. I wouldn’t hesitate stopping at Daniel’s for more slices. If you should find yourself taxiing an injured bird to Chalfont, PA, then I recommend stopping at Daniel’s.

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  1. Great to see the reviews again!

    This review is a good reinforcement of the fact that even mediocre pizza is still a pretty good meal.

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