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I try to stay away from reviewing pizza from large chain pizzerias and other pizzas that could be considered a bit gimmicky. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a ‘gimmick review’ once in a while, I think that in many cases it is probably smart to do one, if for nothing else it could help maintain viewership from your social media followers that might sometimes be looking for something different than your norm.

Maybe I don’t do ‘gimmick reviews’ because it’s become a bit of a challenge for me to sit down and hammer out a review, and doing one just for shits and giggles seems like a waste of time. I’m not sure, but when I heard that Wawa added pizza to their menu I took the bait; there was no way I could let reviewing Wawa pass me by. For those of you who may not be familiar with Wawa, it is much like Sheetz. If you’re still not sure, just think what a fast food take-out place might be like if it were also a gas station.

Wawa - Downingtown, PA - Buffalo Chicken Pizza IngredientsWawa - Downingtown, PA - Jalapeno Popper Pizza Ingredients


I was on my way to Wawa to do the dirty deed. I had no idea how small (in diameter) their pizza was going to be so I ordered two of them. From the pictures that I had seen previously I was under the impression that the pizzas had a thick crust. Thinking that the crust might be too doughy I skipped the regular cheese pizza and opted for two that had a lot going on with toppings. There were several pizzas  to choose from, but I ordered the buffalo chicken along with the bacon & jalapeno popper pizzas.

So, the question remained… were Wawa’s pizzas good enough to compete with any local or big chain pizzerias?

Wawa - Downingtown, PA - Pizza PackagingWawa - Downingtown, PA - Pizza Thickness

I found the dough to be thick; it wasn’t crunchy or crispy, nor was it soggy. I thought that the dough was somewhat fluffy and spongey; it definitely didn’t sit as heavy in my stomach as I half expected it to.

On top of the dough for both pizzas were some chunks of redness, presumably tomato pieces. I’m going to resist the urge to compare their tomato sauce (and other ingredients) and address that issue later. The cheese on both pizzas was provolone, and it didn’t stand out much. I’m not a big fan of thick crusted pizza, so the addition of the crème cheese on both pizzas prevented my mouth-full-of-dough fear from being justified.

The buffalo chicken pizza….. the two ingredients on this pizza not found on the bacon & jalapeno popper pizza are the chicken and buffalo sauce. The chicken and buffalo sauce are the same exact ingredients from Wawa’s buffalo chicken hoagie. The chicken is blah, much like any fast food chicken topping. The buffalo sauce tastes like a cheap buffalo sauce, and for those who avoid spiciness / tanginess, this buffalo sauce is pretty tame.

Wawa - Downingtown, PA - Jalapeno Popper Pizza SizeWawa - Downingtown, PA - Buffalo Chicken Pizza & Undercarriage


The bacon and jalapeno popper pizza….. the two ingredients on this pizza not found on the buffalo chicken pizza are the bacon and jalapeno slices. The bacon is the same real but not real bacon that Wawa uses for everything else. The jalapeno slices on this pizza actually carry a little heat with them, so beware.


So, to compare Wawa’s ingredients to other pizzeria’s, or to debate Wawa’s place in the pizza market would be ridiculous. I admit that with being passionate about pizza I was a little pissed when I first heard that Wawa was getting into the pizza scene; I thought ‘corporate greed’, and more cheap pizza diverting people’s attention away from quality shops. It wasn’t until I was inside of Wawa using the touch screen to order my pizzas that I realized that Wawa isn’t trying to get into the ‘pizza scene’, nor are they trying to be competitors within that market. I think that Wawa is doing what Wawa is supposed to do, which is to provide new options to the legions of people who use their touch screens every day, and to provide quick, fair-priced meals.

In case you’re missing it….. when put up against pizza from most pizzerias, Wawa’s pizza isn’t that great, but, as far as Wawa meals are concerned, their pizzas are pretty good!


  • I think that the pizzas look better in real life than they do on their menu (seems like it should be the other way around)
  • I think that one pizza will be filling for most people





6 Comments On “Wawa – Downingtown, PA”

  1. They sure do look like something I wouldn’t want to eat and I expect they are made with loads a of chemicals to boot. I suppose if one has to eat a meal at. Wawa you can’t be choosy and it is good to know what is passable for food. But for those who cook at home, there are great ways to make great pizza that won’t make you sick after you eat it. My process is described below.
    Making Perfect Pizza At Home”
    Perfect Pizza The Long Version”. Enjoy great food rather than settle for buying mediocre fare.

    • I agree, making pizza at home is a lot healthier and fun too, however, using pseudopsychology, if someone is ordering their meal on a Wawa touch screen, they probably aren’t overly concerned with their health.

      On a side note, it has come to my attention that Wawa’s buffalo chicken pizza is perhaps the unhealthiest edible ever. Look at these numbers:

      Serving size: one buffalo chicken pizza

      calories: 1,010
      fat: 44 grams
      cholesterol: 100 milligrams
      sodium: 2,610 milligrams
      carbs: 107 grams
      fiber: 5 grams
      sugar: 7 grams
      protein: 48 grams

      Sooo….. it turns out that eating a Wawa pizza may be construed as attempted suicide. I wish I knew that before I ate 2! of them for this review!

  2. Oh my that looks wretched. WaWa gets so much love in the Philly area, and I’m not sure why. Their hoagies are made on inferior bread that comes out of a plastic bag – and now this insult to pizza. I am grateful for this review, because I too was tempted to get one for the purpose of a review. Now I can smartly stay away!

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