Georgio’s Restaurant – Downingtown, PA

Georgio's Restaurant - Downingtown, PA

Georgio’s of Downingtown, PA….. I don’t sugar coat reviews, so George can color me an a-hole with this one. Don’t take my tone the wrong way, I’m not mad or anything like that, but I feel a certain kind of way because I really, really like George, I just don’t care for some other things. The dissonance is perplexing.

My first experience with Georgio’s, which was some time ago, went like this: I called to place an order for pick up. I was greeted by a telephony system which offered me several destinations, but I was left unsure which one it was that I wanted for ordering pizza. I ended up choosing all of them and getting nobody at any of them. On this particular night I chose to get pizza elsewhere. Recently, for this review I was greeted with the same telephony system and the same uncertainty, but this time I opted to speak with someone at the bar who connected me to the deli, which, apparently, is where you are supposed to call to order the pizza but there was no answer; I got kicked back to the bar where the person took my order but made it clear that they weren’t sure of what they were doing. About 17 minutes later I received a call from someone confirming my order, etc.

Georgio's Restaurant - Downingtown, PA - Kitchen

I take issue with Georgio’s telephony system for a few reasons; first, I expect an automated system when I call my credit card company but not when I call to order a pizza, second, it isn’t clear which option pizza falls under (bar, restaurant, or deli), third, even with having a telephony system I had two experiences where I couldn’t get to the person I needed to speak with. Also, but not directly relating to the telephony system, I believe employees should be cross trained, at least to the point where a bartender could take a pizza order with some measure of competence.

The second order of business that I didn’t enjoy….. the pizza. I get it, Georgio’s isn’t a pizzeria, it’s a restaurant that also offers pizza. My objective remains the same, no matter of splitting hairs. Ready?

Georgio's Restaurant - Downingtown, PA - Cheese PizzaGeorgio's Restaurant - Downingtown, PA - Pizza Undercarriage

The most important part of any pizza is the crust, and I found Georgio’s crust to be a little thicker than I prefer, but that’s my personal preference. I thought that the crust had some nice coloring to it, both on the handles and the undercarriage, but unfortunately it lacked flavor and it did not have any crispness. Lastly, the inside of the crust seemed to be a bit doughy; you might even say underdone.

Georgio’s sauce was an average sauce with some herbage mixed in. The cheese was average mozzarella.

It is a popular view that pizza falls into one of two categories; good and really good. Using that system, Georgio’s pizza definitely falls into the good category. Again, I think George is a really nice person and I love supporting small and local businesses so it pains me to recommend that you look for pizza elsewhere. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I have yet to try Georgio’s restaurant menu; there might be some good vittles to be had…

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