Thanksgiving Pizza – Wegmans – Downingtown, PA

So, I decided to stop at Wegmans for some things on the eve of Thanksgiving Eve, and as I was looking for something to take home for dinner from Wegman’s café I spotted a Thanksgiving themed pizza; the placard listed it’s ingredients to include: gravy, mashed potatoes, turkey, mozzarella cheese, and scallions. I wasn’t planning to get pizza for dinner but I was feeling festive and so I took one slice of “Tom Turkey Pizza” to try when I got home.

Wegmans - Downingtown, PA - Thanksgiving PizzaWegmans - Downingtown, PA - Thanksgiving Pizza Undercarriage

Before taking my first bite I realized that there was definitely bacon on this pizza (I’m not complaining!) even though it wasn’t listed as an ingredient, and, while the ingredients listed included gravy, I did not detect any, but then it’s possible it was mixed in with the mashed potatoes.

Even though this pizza looked good I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular, but much to my surprise this pizza was really good. The undercarriage wasn’t crispy but it was dry. The handle was crispy. All of the ingredients seemed to be high quality and they went well with each other. Also, to my surprise, I was able to taste each individual ingredient as opposed to having a bunch of toppings contribute to one  unspecified flavor.

So there you have it… a quick, unexpected review of Wegman’s Thanksgiving pizza. If you see that they have it at a Wegmans near you, I recommend that you give it a try and let me know what you think.

I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Please feel free to share your dinner table pictures with me!

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