Pizza Box – Gap, PA

Pizza Box - Gap, PA
Sometimes I reluctantly go shopping. Sometimes I’m all in. The latter was the case on this particular weekend when my wife and I made our way to the outlets in Lancaster County. My quad venti latte carried me through the morning hours but by lunchtime I needed to recharge, this time with food. With having no knowledge of the pizzerias in the area we picked one at random; enter Pizza Box.

Pizza Box - Gap, PA - Inside
Upon walking into Pizza Box I immediately noticed how spacious, clean, and modern the place looked. I appreciated the fact that Pizza Box didn’t have that same hum drum ‘trying to be Italian’ look to it that many pizzerias have. I also loved their name on the wall done with a repurposed sign from their previous location. After ordering our lunch but while we were still at the counter, the person tending to us stated that he hadn’t seen us in the store before and asked if we were from around there. Keen eye or a half lucky guess? It doesn’t matter, he was putting forth the effort to make a connection, and we appreciated it.

Pizza Box - Gap, PA - Signage


When the cheese pizza arrived to our table I conducted my inspections and this is what I found… I thought that the sauce, cheese, and dough ratios were good. The sauce had a nice consistancy, it wasn’t runny nor was it dried out, and it had a good tomato flavor without being able to detect any additives. The cheese seemed to be an average / average+ mozzarella, which in combination with the sauce left an eensy weensy, desirable amount of tasty oil on each slice. What could have been a ‘great’ pizza was knocked down to “good” or “average” because of the crust. The crust was thin, which I liked and their was some browning on the undercarriage, which I liked, but the crust lacked crispness. Even if the undercarriage of the pizza isn’t crisp, it still needs to be present in the handles; there’s no wiggle room with that requirement. Lastly, when looking at the picture below you can see an area of cheese that is less melted then than the rest of the pizza; my guess is that the pizza wasn’t rotated enough in the oven (most deck ovens have areas of uneven heating).

Pizza Box - Gap, PA - Cheese Pizza

I don’t review wings, but when I come across a place that has good ones I like to acknowledge them for it. The biggest requirement that must be met in order for me to like one’s wings is that they must be somewhat crispy, and Pizza Box met that challenge; too many places don’t.

Pizza Box - Gap, PA - Pizza Undercarriage

Would I eat at Pizza Box again? Definitely. I suggest that you get in your horse and buggy and go give them a try. Let me know what you think!

Pizza Box - Gap, PA - Chicken Wings

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  1. We live a mile away, there r several pizza places in my area but we LOVE pizza box don’t like the service or the drivers who deliver but the food is great

  2. We went on Saturday afternoon, 2/10/18. Place was clean and workers froendly and efficient. Our pizza arrived st our table in 15 mins. Medium cheese. Hot, ooey, gooey, mozzarella with just the right balance of sauce-to-cheese ratio. The crust was thin, but crisp on the bottom and chewy within. It was sooo good, we could not stop eating it! Yummy! We will definitely be back!

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