Joey’s Pizza – Thorndale, PA

Joey's Pizza - Thorndale, PA

It might take me a while but I follow through with reviewing almost all pizzerias that are recommended to me, and thus was the reason for my visit to Joey’s Pizza in Thorndale, PA.

I’ve driven past Joey’s plenty of times but I’ve never been inside. Upon entering the pizzeria the first things that I noticed were how busy they were and that it was a bigger operation than I had imagined; there was plenty of seating and there were a lot of workers scurrying about. My order was already waiting for me and so I carried out the door with me one large cheese pizza, one tuna hoagie with hot peppers, and one order of onion rings. Having never eaten here I had no idea what to expect so my excitement meter was really pinging!

Joey's Pizza - Thorndale, PA - Cheese Pizza

Despite having a hankering for onion rings I put them to the side, got some pictures of the pizza and dug in! Even before taking my first bite the thing that stood out right away was how thin the pizza was. I like thin pizza except for the handle; I like the handle to have a little rise to it and be a little crispy on the outside while having a pillow-ee inside. Joey’s handle was just as flat as the rest of the pizza. No worries, that isn’t a deal breaker. The crust had some coloring to it but it wasn’t crispy nor soggy; it was firm but pliable.

The mozzarella cheese was okay. Joey’s sauce was good. It wasn’t sweet per se, but it was sweet enough to tame any acidic flavors. The bottom of the pizza was remarkably dry while there were enough oils on top of the pizza to complement its taste and feel.

To sum it up, I thought Joey’s Pizza was average. The sauce and cheese were fine, the rations were good, but I think it is the crust that earns it the ‘average’ label. I like thin pizza but I think that this one needs a little more crisp to its crust. If you have had Joey’s Pizza let me know what you thought of it. Oh, that tuna hoagie and onion rings? The tuna hoagie was average and the onion rings were below average.

Joey's Pizza - Thorndale, PA - Tuna HoagieJoey's Pizza - Thorndale, PA - Onion Rings

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  1. I agree with your review. I was not disappointed when the Joey’s in Downingtown (on 113) went out of business. The sauce is entirely too sweet and it was the first time in my life that I have not had a second slice or left the first slice.

    Now if we could only have NJ/NY pizza here in PA. Sigh.

  2. I and my family are regulars of the Joey’s in Thorndale the onionrings are delicious I eat the tuna hoagie is WELL above average so in closing if you don’t like the food there don’t eat it.

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