Angelo’s Pizzeria – Haddonfield, NJ

I don’t get to the Philadelphia area for pizza reviews often enough so when I do find myself in and around the City of Brotherly Love I make it count by bingeing on pizza. On a recent Friday I had planned to visit FIVE pizzerias, unfortunately as the night was coming to a close I was only able to manage grubbing at four different establishments. Let the tour begin!

Angelo's Pizzeria - Haddonfield, NJ

The first pizza stop of the day was at Angelo’s Pizzeria in Haddonfield, NJ. I decided to visit Angelo’s for one reason and one reason only, which is Instagram. I somehow started following Angelo’s on Instagram and noticed a couple of things: (1) they are passionate about the food they serve, and (2) the food in their pictures looks fantastic! Before arriving at Angelo’s I actually used their Instagram pictures in trying to decide on what I was going to order; I think that I had it narrowed down to some type of cheesesteak, a hoagie, and several different types of pizza depending on what their slice options were. There was no way in hell I could allow myself to start my day off with that heavy of an order, but those goddamn pictures; I wanted everything!

I arrived at Angelo’s and found the place to have a nice, small, family owned pizza shop appeal to it, but that focus quickly faded as it was time to place my order. I somehow mustered up the will-power to exclude ordering anything that wasn’t pizza. What I ordered was one slice of cheese, a slice of the buffalo chicken, and one piece of the Sicilian.

Angelo's Pizzeria - Haddonfield, NJ - Cheese SliceAngelo's Pizzeria - Haddonfield, NJ - Slice Undercarriage

The cheese slice was awesome. It’s a thin crusted pizza, dry on the bottom, the handle was a tender cushion enveloped by a thin crisp shell sporting some browned bubbles that had the voice in my head moaning. The ratios between the crust, sauce, and cheese were good. I don’t have much to say about the sauce aside that it was good as was the cheese which appeared to be a fresh mozzarella. I’m the type of person who believes that a really good slice of cheese pizza could out perform the same pizza with toppings, and this slice lived up to that benchmark.

Angelo's Pizzeria - Haddonfield, NJ - Buffalo Chicken Slice

The buffalo chicken slice had the same great crust as the cheese slice did. This slice also had good ratios between all of the ingredients, especially in regard to not overdoing it with the blue cheese which is easy to do. The buffalo sauce was tasty without it being too spicy. The chicken was in nice sized pieces, and I’d say it was of a quality better than I’ve had at a lot of other pizzerias. The cheese had some nice brown tones to it which added to the flavor of this slice. All in all this was a solid slice; one of the better buffalo slices I’ve had.

Angelo's Pizzeria - Haddonfield, NJ - Sicilian Pizza

The Sicilian piece….. I’m not much of a fan of thick Sicilian pizza, it’s too much dough for my personal preference, but when I saw this piece sitting in the display case it looked like the pizza equivalent of Marilyn Monroe standing over the subway grate with her dress blowing upward, so I ordered it. I loved the hefty amount of sauce being atop the cheese and the basil was a nice touch. I didn’t care for the thickness of this piece, but then I already knew that I wouldn’t; that’s just my preference. If you like a thick Sicilian pizza then I suspect that you’d really appreciate this beauty.

My first stop of the day proved to be a rewarding one. My only disappointment was that I had to abstain from ordering a lot of the items I drool over while looking at Angelo’s Instagram pictures but I’ll get them next time. I definitely recommend trying out Angelo’s wares and letting me know what you think. And for fun, I dare you to scroll through Angelo’s 600+ Instagram pictures and tell me that you don’t want some of that for dinner!!

4 Comments On “Angelo’s Pizzeria – Haddonfield, NJ”

  1. Hah… Angelo tweeted this review. I’m a regular customer and I’m so happy that they’re getting the recognition they deserve. I’ve had just about everything on the menu and some that are not on the menu and have never been disappointed. Again, so happy for them. They deserve it!

  2. Linda Sebazco Porcellini

    Had cheese pizza. It was delicious. I’ve seen Angelo’s advertisements on facebook. Everything really looks mouth watering. I live in Sewell & I wish Angelo’s was closer, because I cannot find good pizza in this town.

  3. Angelos! Everything prepared there is outstanding! The owner is totally committed to using only the freshest, finest ingredients, preparing food with love and experience. It was a blessed day for Haddonfield when this shop opened-yum, yum!

  4. I have never had an item on Angelo’s menu that wasn’t good. The pizza is made crisp and full of flavor. The cheese steaks are second to none and the specialty sandwiches(Chicken Cutlet Rabe and Sharp) are out of this world. The caesar salad with blackened chicken is fabulous.

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